Academic Work

Welcome. I am a doctoral student at Boston College where I research and teach postcolonial literature. My research uses literature as a lens to examine and critique economic and kinship structures in the postcolonial anglophone world. My article “The Translation of an Imagined Community in Raja Rao’s Kanthapura” has appeared in The Journal of Commonwealth Literature.

At Boston College I have taught freshman composition, first-year literature (organized around the theme of the global novel), Studies in Narrative (an introductory course for English majors), and the Introduction to Postcolonial Literature.

When I am not teaching, writing, or researching, I advocate for greater diversity in academia. I believe in the university’s potential to empower marginalized voices, and I put that belief into practice through my activism. For example, I co-facilitated a workshop, “Anti-Racist Activism on College Campuses: A Toolkit to Engage Institutional Transformation,” at Harvard University’s Alumni of Color Conference in March 2017.

Feel free to look over my CV.